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We have teamed up with some amazing pet businesses across the UK to provide you with super savings and even more fabulous pet goodies. Whilst we'd love to, we can't offer everything under one roof here at Thaxted Pet Co. So, follow the links below to check out these trusted pet businesses and save £ with your own Thaxted Pet Co. discount code/link

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Tug-e-nuff produce exciting, engaging toys that get our dogs feeling fired up but are tough enough to withstand hours upon hours of play. Great as use for both playing or as a training aid, with a range of toys suitable for different breeds. So, why choose their toys?

  • Overcome training and behaviour problems, improve your bond and achieve amazing results – all while having loads of fun with one of our Tug-E-Nuff training toys.
  • Improve your training skills with their regular articles offering expert advice on tackling a huge range of training issues, from improving recall and tackling shyness to training food-obsessed and over-excitable dogs.
  • Buy with confidence thanks to their 45 day 'tug it + love it' guarantee 

Ready to find your dog’s new favourite toy? Browse the range here:




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Pitpat are here to take the guess work out of dog parenting! With PitPat you can know exactly what they're up to in every minute of the day. We got you. Know exactly how much exercise, rest and play they're getting. SoWhat are the benefits of Pitpat?

  • Adventure proof - The PitPat Dog Activity Monitor is designed to be incredibly robust
  • Lightweight design - the activity is small enough for any collar or dog. Making it suitable from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. 
  • No Subscription fees - once purchased you won't be hassled with any monthly subscription fees!




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No owner wants to think about the possibility of their pet going missing, but unfortunately it could happen. Pet24 are there to help reunite lost pets with their family. In fact, in the past 10 years Pets4 have succeeded in reuniting over 46,000 pets with their happy owners.

Although your dog may be microchipped, it can sometimes take hours for a pet to reach someone with a scanner - especially during out of hours! An ordinary dog tag can only hold so much information, however, Pet24 can hold multiple numbers for owners as well as any important medical information (plus you can change your details online anytime). They will work around the clock to contact you, making sure that you have updates about the whereabouts of your pet. So, what are the benefits of Pet24?
  • 24 hour service call and assist in finding your pet.
  • Change your details online for FREE anytime - you can update your contact details whilst on holiday. 
  • If your pet is injured whilst missing, Pet24 will pay up to £1000 in emergency vet fees.



My Anxious Dog 

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My Anxious dog has an exceptional range of award winning yellow space awareness products have been carefully designed and tested in the UK.

They will keep your dog stylish and feeling comfortable whilst providing you with optimum control and confidence. Dogs in yellow need space for different reasons.

Whatever the rhyme or reason (sometimes we don't even know), what they need is that all important space. SoWhy choose My Anxious Dog?


  • Made in the UK. 
  • Helps reduce people approaching your anxious or reactive dog whilst out and creates a less stressful walk for both them and you.
  • Raises awareness of #DogsInYellow day, you can educate pet parents and improve the lives of anxious dogs.



Calm Dog Games

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Calm dogs are happy dogs! over at Calm Dog Games, Chloe provides enrichment calming games and products to help keep your pooch relaxed. Their best selling product, the brain games & enrichment deck, is packed full of everyday brain games for dogs, enrichment ideas, DIY puzzle toys and activities for interactive play!  So, what are the benefits?

  • Provides mental stimulation to satisfy your dog’s cognitive wellbeing and enrichment to relieve stress
  • designed to help develop calmness, confidence and connection
  • Stocked and supported by the RSPCA
  • Plus other calming products including calming and snuffle mats available online



Butternut Box



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Here at Thaxted Pet Co. we are passionate about dog nutrition. We feel that Butternut box ticks all those boxes and is a perfect match alongside our range of kibble. Butternut offer fresh human meals with human grade ingredients sent directly to your front door. So why choose Butternut?

  • Fresh and healthy meal choices
  • Can be used alongside other food such as kibble or as a complete meal
  • Great for incorporating in enrichment such as licki mats or kongs
  • Frozen meals to keep fresher for longer