Meet our Ambassadors

We are very lucky to have some pawsome pups as part of the Thaxted Pet Co. team! meet them below... 



Albert is Chief Pup here at Thaxted Pet Co. He is our 10 year old Shih-tzu who enjoys taste testing all our our yummy kibble and treats. Having always suffered with skin issues, we now feed him our own grain free range of kibble which he loves. Since switching his food we noticed an immediately his skin cleared up and his fur was smooth and in great condition. Albert makes sure that everything we stock is delicious enough for your pups to try... a job that he loves! 



 "Poppy is a French Bulldog x Shih Tzu cross who will be 2 years old in November 2020. she was rescued at 6 months young and has landed on her feet at her forever home. We are so excited to part of the Thaxted Pet Food Co. team and love to support small businesses, as well as trying yummy food! Poppy has a lot of character and loves her treats. Check out how she reacts to the meaty strips on our instagram. Poppy's favourite is chicken and or sausage. She has settled right into her home and is the queen of the house. We can't wait to try lots more!



 "Fizz and Todd are 11 and 6 years old. They have had puppies together and are the sweetest little couple! they both love chicken, fish and cheese. They are cheeky, but very adorable. Todd pulls some amazing faces when there's treats around! Fizz loves to strike a pose or learn a new trick for a treat. We are so happy to be part of the Thaxted Pet Food Co. team. We love small businesses and are huge supporters. Check out our Instagram!"


George is a 1 year old Poochon. He loves cuddles and long walks with friends. As king of the household, he is unapologetically spoilt...
He is very greedy and is always ready for a snack! His favourite snacks are carrots, chicken and anything fishy- sprats are always a winner!

He loves trying anything new and with the range available at Thaxted Pet Food co we are excited to broaden his go to treat selection! The fact that this is a local, independent business to us makes being an ambassador for them even more special! 



 Scout is a 8 month old tri blue merle Border Collie living in the High Peak. He will do ANYTHING as long as there is a treat involved, so he enjoys posing for photos as he knows it's worth his while! 

There hasn't been anything he hasn't enjoyed so far. He loved the venison stick so much, and can't wait to try more things from Thaxted Pet Food Co.

Scout likes playing with his cat housemates, belly rubs and being called a good boy.