Boomerangs pet food vouchers

We are so pleased to be partnering with Boomerangs Pet Foodbank.


With the cost of living rising, it is becoming increasingly difficult for some pet owners to afford looking after both themselves and their pets. Boomerangs pet foodbank are working hard to make sure the pets of people living in poverty are supported and get the food and nutrition they need. Any vouchers bought here are used directly by Boomerangs to purchase pet food and treats for cats and dogs in need. 


A little bit from Boomerangs Pet Foodbank...

Due to the cost of living crisis some pet owners are having to choose between feeding themselves or their pets – this should not happen, ever. This struggle means that pets are been surrendered to rescues that are already under enormous pressure. This leaves the owner with immense guilt believing they've let their pet down. Our pets are more than animals, they are family and should remain in the place that they are loved.

 A family member who volunteers at a 'human' foodbank, advised me that very little pet food is donated, in fact a tiny fraction of what is requested by the people the foodbank supports. As such Boomerang's Pet Foodbank has been born with a mission to help as many dog and cat owners as possible who are struggling financially to ensure their pets are fed. Pets give us so much and ask for very little in return, it's the least we can do.

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