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Who am I?

Hello, I'm Georgie! I am a qualified behaviourist, achieving my Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Applied Canine Behaviour Management (OFQUAL and DEFRA approved). I am registered with multiple recognised organisations including the Pet Professional Guild, UK Dog Training and Behaviour Charter and the Pet Professional Network. I am also a qualified professional with the organisation Kids Around Dogs. I regularly attend CPD courses and keep up to date with the latest research surrounding animal behaviour, ensuring I am providing the best and most up to date advice to clients.

On behavioural consultations, I can help cover the following issues:

  • Anxiety (such as separation anxiety)
  • Fear (such as fear of new places)
  • Resource Guarding 
  • Reactive behaviour towards people or dogs
  • Compulsive behaviours (such as excessive tail chasing, licking etc)
  • Highly exciteable behaviours 
  • Aggressive behaviours 
  • Phobias (such as noise phobias)
  • Excessive Vocalising 

    Dealing with behavioural issues can be distressing for both dog and owners, and that's where I am here to help. It can feel isolating and daunting for owners, with many not knowing where to begin. I offer packages to suit your individual needs and provide support throughout the process. 



    What is a discovery call?

    An initial FREE 15 minute discovery call is offered to clients to help better understand the issues you are having difficulty with. After this chat, I will send you a form to provide to your vet. This form will ask for information on your dogs medical history and ensure they are up to date with a health check. This is called a veterinary refferal, which is essential for behavioural consultations. This makes sure that the dog has been thoroughly assessed to determine whether any health conditions may be an underlying cause for problem behaviours. I will also require you to fill out some additional information about your dog and the behaviours being expressed; this will help me to understand the current situation overall before our consultation.


    How does the consultation work?

    After recieving your completed veterinary refferal form and any additional information on your dog, I will carry our a 90 minute online or in person consultation (depending on your specific needs). During this consultation we will discuss your dogs behavioural problems in more detail and ways to help work on these issues and prevent them from happening in the future. We will work on changing/reshaping your dogs feelings and emotions to help them feel more comfortable. The dogs emotional and physical wellbeing is always of the utmost importance and I will never encourage them to be put into situations that make them feel uncomfortable during our sessions. After the consultation is complete, you will recieve a full behavioural modification report within 5 working days outlining a plan to follow with any additional resources or information. 

    After the initial consultation, I will be in touch a few weeks later (depending on the time agreed) to 'check in' with your progress. After your plan has been sent to you, you are welcome to get in touch to discuss any queries.

    Please note, although some issues may be able to be dealt with in one session, most require multiple sessions and ongoing support as results will not be seen after one consultation. Multiple sessions may be required in some cases to observe noticeable change for your dog. 


    How much will it cost?

    Initial consultations are priced at £120 for a consultation of up to 90 minutes. Additional adhoc sessions are £75 for 60 minutes. Additional support programmes are available (listed below) which offer affordable plans to help spread out your behaviour modification support.

    Your fees may be covered by your pets insurance provider, please contact your insurance to discuss this matter. 


    What support programmes are available?

    Once you have had your intitial consultation, I have programmes available which can offer subsequent support:


    Premium Pet Programme - £140

    • Two 60 minute consultations per month 
    • Ongoing support provided via Whatsapp (available Mon-Fri)
    • Access to a library of resources on your dogs particular behavioural issues
    • Weekly 'check in' to help with questions and progress
    • Minimum of one months sign up, with possibility to increase after


    Cautious Canines programme - £160

    • Suitable for dogs experiencing more complex problems with anxiety/fear
    • Three 45 minute consultations per month
    • Ongoing support provided via Whatsapp (available Mon-Fri)
    • Access to a library of resources on your dogs particular behavioural issues
    • Weekly 'check in' to help with questions and progress
    • Minimum of one months sign up, with possibility to increase after


    Reactive Rascals programme - £210

    • Suitable for dogs struggling with more complex reactivity issues
    • Four 45 minute sessions (one session per week)
    • Ongoing support provided via Whatsapp (available Mon-Fri)
    • Access to a library of resources on your dogs particular behavioural issues
    • Weekly 'check in' to help with questions and progress
    • Minimum of one months sign up, with possibility to increase after


    Why behaviour modification and not training?

    Many times owners may ask "why do I need behavioural support and not just training?". Whilst training and behaviour work is linked, ultimately they are two very different things. Dog training focuses on specific training methods (such as positive reinforcement) and how dogs relate to learning within their environment. On the other hand, dog behaviour work looks at a dogs mind in depth and by considering psychology and physiology allow us to provide specific modification plans to deal with certain behaviours.

    When training a dog to not do a specific behaviour (for example: jumping up) we can do this by training them to perform a different behaviour instead without considering why they might be doing it. However, if we were looking at this in behavioural terms we would look at possible reasons behind this jumping up behaviour and assess changing his/her feelings to enable the dog to be happier and the behaviour reduce. When it comes to behavioural problems, many can be complex and might have multiple reasons behind them, therefore, a qualified behaviourist like myself can help to identifty these and construct a behavioural modification plan that covers multiple aspects of the dogs life. 

    If you are struggling with your dogs behaviour, you can book an initial discovery call (using the link at the top of this page) or fill out the contact form below to learn more about your behavioural journey. 


    Why are behaviour consulations more expensive than training sessions?

    We appreciate that everyone is looking for both quality and value in the services they recieve. You may wonder why a behavioural consultation is more expensive than a normal training session and there's a few reasons why...

    During a behavioural consultation I will ask a variety of questions to you as the owner as well as assessing your dogs overall behaviour and body language. The sessions are longer lasting up to 90 minutes, giving me enough time to assess your dog and get the most from the session.

    Once the initial consultation is complete, my work is far from done! I will then begin working on your individual behaviour modification plan. This document (which can be up to 10 pages in length) will include a general overview of your dogs specific behavioural issue, risk assessments, details on medication and a complete training and behavioural programme to follow. 

    Once this is sent over to you, I will then liase with your vet and send them a letter detailing what has taken place and a copy of your behavioural plan. Sometimes it may be necessary to speak back and forth with your vet.

    I am then available for Whatsapp support inbetween sessions to answer any queries you might have regarding your specific plan. 

    As you can see, there are multiple steps involved in the behaviour modifiction process making it a lot more in depth and complex than a dog training session! 



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