The totally Gnawsome Chew Selection Box

The totally Gnawsome Chew Selection Box

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A selection box filled with a range of goods from our natural treat and chews range.

The Standard Chew Box:

x1 Venison Stick  

x2 Cut Trachea 

x2 Dried Rabbit Ears

x2 Beef Paddy Wack 

x2 Beef Tripe 

x1 Pork Crunch Ear

x4 Chicken Feet Chew

x1 Dental Stick 


The Ultimate Chew Box:

x1 Cow Ear 

x2 Rabbit Ears

x1 Beef Tripe

x1 Tripe Bone

x1 Antler

x1 Beef Muscle Chew 

x2 Fish Skin Chew 

x2 Chicken Feet 

x2 Chicken Sausage 

x2 Trachea

x1 Pork Crunch 


 Suitable for adult dogs only.