Where to find a qualified Trainer or Behaviourist ūüź∂

With the dog community ever growing, there are unfortunately some ‚Äúprofessionals‚ÄĚ who are offering training and behaviour advice without being qualified, experienced or using the correct up to date methods. Whilst these people may have good intentions, it could be seriously damaging to you and your dog and push you further back in your training or behaviour journey!

More so, these people undermine the extensive studying and work that us professionals have put into gaining our experience and qualifications to ensure that training or behavioural issues are being dealt with appropriately. Unfortunately more regulation needs to be seen in the industry, which is something we are all fighting for!

Making sure the professional you are using is qualified and registered to an organisation means you will be getting the best advice for your dog. You can see an extensive list of organisations below that regulate dog trainers and behaviourists. 

Don’t be afraid to ask the person you are using for their credentials. If they are properly trained they should have no problem in sharing this information with you!

Georgie x



Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners: 



Pet Professional Guild 






ICAN (International Companion Animal Network)



Pet Professional Network 



UK Dog Training and Behaviour Charter 



Association of INTO DOGS



IAABC (International School of Animal Behaviour Consultants)



ICB (International Canine Behaviourists) 



ABTC (Animal Behaviour and Training Council)



The DWA (The Dog Welfare Alliance)